About Us


When Ambrose was 12, his father suffered kidney failure with a subsequent 14-year treatment by haemodialysis machine in the home.


Ambrose suffered from a 24/7 constant fear and anticipation of losing his father. This resulted in depressive tendencies, a loss of general enthusiasm, and continuing struggles with chronic and dysfunctional grief which plagued Ambrose’s functioning into early & mid adulthood. These emotional problems seriously affected his ability to form personal relationships, and disrupted his attempts to gain traction in his early career.


In the mid 1990’s Ambrose became aware of reflective writing as a way to offload his grief, resentments, and anger, achieving a cathartic release of these troublesome emotions at that time. But it was not until recent years that Ambrose revisited the process noting great success with his clients in writing-out their troublesome past and arriving at peace, contentment and acceptance. Ambrose then set-about refining and then automating the Unsent Letter method to reach a wider audience resulting in the development of this platform.
Ambrose is now a highly resilient, resourceful, and capable individual, a psychologist with highly effective personal and therapeutic skills in managing life’s stress and many challenges. His journey represents an extraordinary turnaround in breaking free of early life trauma and the mental health damage that such can cause.